Crossover Trailers:

Roughing It Without Roughing It

Crossover Trailers

Roughing It Without Roughing It

Where Off-Road Exploration Meets Unmatched Comfort 

Crossover Trailers: Redefining off-road adventures with camper trailers rentals that seamlessly blend rugged exploration and unparalleled comfort, ensuring every journey is an unforgettable experience.

Camper Trailers

Tailoring Overland Adventures to You with
Crossover Trailers

Imagine no longer being restrained by the meticulous planning required for overland adventures limited by the constraints of your RV or available campsites, thanks to Crossover Trailers.

Picture yourself effortlessly navigating the captivating landscapes of the majestic pink Navajo sandstone cliffs of Zion.  Stand in awe of the stoic Joshua Trees of the Mojave Desert then transition to a scenic coastal drive along the great Pacific, leading you to the diverse ecosystems of Olympic National Forest. Perhaps camp beneath the towering Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, feeling dwarfed by nature’s grandeur.

Big Sur Class

Spacious trailers designed for families, featuring multiple sleeping areas, well-equipped kitchens, and family-friendly amenities.


Sleeps: 4 – 6

4 adults
2 children